To the Editor: “We want every legal vote to count”

Just a few minutes ago, Donald Musser emailed me, along with many members of my voting precinct, to say that he had “volunteered to help review the voter rolls for the 2022 Election” and, he continued, “We want every legal vote to count!” He proceeded to give details about the political affiliations of registered voters in my precinct and encouraged us to send personal information to him about where we live: “If you Do Not live within these Boundaries, please e-mail me back so I can send the information to the Registrar of Voters.”

Mr. Musser neglected to mention anywhere in his email that he is president of the Greater Ridgecrest Republican Assembly and was “trained” as a pollwatcher by the Election Integrity Project, which pushes conspiracy-ridden rhetoric from Steve Bannon, Mike Lindell, and others.  Not knowing Mr. Musser, I can only assume he would forward all information he receives to the registrar of voters, and not just the democrat on non-affiliated voters.  He also neglected to mention that any report he files is not an official change of address by the state, but would likely trigger an investigation to disqualify the voter. Voters could easily see his email as an official request and think that their registration has changed after contacting him with their information.

Conducting such efforts to purge the voter rolls, with only partial information and without disclosing extremely partisan affiliations is flat out disingenuous.

Should you or your readers receive such an email (as you likely have), I discourage you from providing any voter or residence information to Mr. Musser, or any other private party for that matter. Instead, if you have moved recently, update your address with the Department of Motor Vehicles, fill out a new voter registration form at the DMV or online (, or send a signed letter to Kern county election officials with both your old and new residence information. According to the Secretary of State, “If your move is temporary, you can continue to use your prior permanent residence where you were registered to vote as your address for the purpose of voting.”

We should all want not only “Every Lawfully Cast Vote Accurately Counted” (an Election Integrity Project motto), but also “Every Citizen Registered and Casting Votes” (my own voting motto).

Ricky Fielding

Story First Published: 2022-04-29