To the Editor: Support school bond issue, Measure C

I try to carefully pick and choose which measures I support, and in my 62 years in the Indian Wells Vally, I have seen a lot of them. And so it is with that view I wholeheartedly support the school bond issue, measure C. I believed I had no more skin in the game when first, my two daughters and then my two grandsons had graduated from the Sierra Sands School district. And now I have two great grandchildren who will be starting school shortly. Since our daughter, Pam Smith is an assistant superintendent, I hear first hand the needs of the Sierra Sands School District. I know! Voting no is a natural instinct. But many of our schools are old. The ten schools in the district are 5 to 87 years old. Many do not meet today’s needs of heightened security, modern teaching methods nor are they energy/environmentally efficient. Several need upgrading so students can better learn. Please give serious thought to supporting the measure and the future of our next generations.

Gale Poppen

Story First Published: 2022-04-29