Fun and games for Independent Bookstore Day, April 30

Fun and games for Independent Bookstore Day, April 30By LAURA QUEZADA

News Review Staff Writer

Since its inception in 2015, Red Rock Books has been joining the one-day national party sponsored by the American Booksellers Association that takes place at indie bookstores across the country on the last Saturday in April. This year’s celebration takes place on Saturday, April 30 from 11am until 2pm, but the bookstore is open its usual hours – 10 am – 6pm.

“We try to make a party out of it,” says owner Ann Rizzardini. “We’ll have a big sale on used books, all weekend, buy one - get one free.” As part of the celebration there will be “lots of games and prizes.” One game sounds particularly intriguing, “We have a jar with all the pages from a book crumbled into it. You have to look at the pieces of the book that you can see to try to figure out what book is in the jar.” There’s also book trivia and temporary literary tattoos – tattoos of quotes and pictures from books.

“We will have lots of giveaway things and exclusive independent bookstores merchandise.” One of the giveaways sounds like a fun game for two or more people. It is called Mad Lib, a little publication of stories with missing verbs and nouns. You ask your playmate for these and fill in the blanks without them knowing the theme of the story. Reading it back will surely elicit laughs. Other giveaways include special drawing pencils, buttons and stickers. Something for every age group.

The special merchandise adds to the already interesting collection of gifts including “kids’ games, puzzles, incense, candles, tarot cards, all kinds of unusual Gifty stuff.” For the celebration they are adding branded mugs, tote bags (free with a $25 purchase), special editions of books including a children’s book titled Itty-Bitty Kitty-Corn.

Red Rock Books is a cultural hub of sorts for Ridgecrest. Many organizations sell tickets to their events at the store, posters of upcoming events are displayed. In November they will be joining in another national party by hosting an “Indie Author Day” booksigning. Local authors are encouraged to plan for this and participate.

Rizzardini wants folks to know they can now order new books online through their online storefront: Select Red Rock Books as your bookseller and this will help support them.

You are invited to join them this Saturday at 206 West Ridgecrest Boulevard. “Of course, Oliver will be here celebrating as well,” says Rizzardini. Oliver, the Bookstore Cat, is a well-loved addition to the eclectic environment that is Red Rock Books. On Wednesday morning, a lovely, kind silver-haired woman was talking sweetly to Oliver. She doesn’t want her name mentioned, but she told us, “I come in to peruse the books and order books and see what they have. But also I come in to visit the cat, Oliver, because I was here within a week after they found him and adopted him. So I come in to visit him occasionally. I recently lost my cat so today I need my feline fix.”

Laura Austin Photo: Oliver, the Bookstore Cat, held by owner Ann Rizzardini is a well-loved addition to the eclectic environment that is Red Rock Books.

Story First Published: 2022-04-29