CCCC offers Addiction Studies classes

Cerro Coso Community College Natilie Dorrell–

Professor Melissa Bowen will instruct three new online courses in Addiction Studies this fall. Introduction to Addiction Studies is a career-oriented course that introduces historical and sociological perspectives on the use, abuse, and social control of psychoactive, psycho-pharmaceutical, and/or psychotropic drugs. Students receive information about the bio-psycho-social nature of addiction; the impact of addiction on children, families, and society; contemporary treatment and prevention approaches; and the addiction counseling profession.

Physiological Effects of Addiction presents an overview of the physiological processes and impacts of psychoactive drugs on the person, including risk factors related to addiction, acute and chronic health problems, communicable diseases, and fetal impacts. Issues related to synergistic risk factors, detoxification, and withdrawal are also reviewed.

Addiction Prevention, Intervention, Treatment, and Recovery covers the philosophies, practices, policies, and outcomes of the most generally accepted and scientifically supported models of prevention, intervention, treatment, recovery, and continuing care for addiction and other substance-related problems. Professional and ethical codes of conduct and behavior are also reviewed and emphasized.

The Addiction Studies Program is now under review by the State of California but all classes have been approved. The Program offers a contemporary and comprehensive study of addiction through the primary lens of Psychology. Students will explore both theoretical and evidence-based concepts, practices, and policies of Addiction and Recovery. Coursework will look at the mental and behavioral impact of substance use, addiction and recovery on individual, families, and communities while also considering how problems and solutions must meet the concerns of multicultural and diverse populations.

Students interested in further pursuing an education in Addiction Studies are encouraged to contact the college Counseling Department at 760-384-6219 or

Story First Published: 2022-04-22