Burroughs swimming is back - at least for this season

Burroughs swimming is back - at least for this seasonBruce Auld, a former Sierra Sands Unified School District Superintendent, is writing the history of Burroughs High School. The articles that are being published are excerpts from his upcoming book, exclusive to The News Review. Thanks to NAWS China Lake’s generosity, the Burros swimmers, some thirty strong, are training daily in the 70 plus year-old “O” Club pool on base. In their first Desert Sky League (DSL) dual meet in two years the Burros were hosted by Victor Valley High School. As Victor Valley High School has a very small team, the coaches declared the meet a “scrimmage” and no score was kept and all event times were unofficial. As such, there are no official results to report. Annaliese Ostash and Conner Auld competed in the scrimmage, both third generation Burroughs swimmers.

As has been the case since the closure of the Sgt. John Pinney Memorial Pool, all of the swim meets this season will be away meets. The Desert Sky League championships will be held on April 28, hosted by Granite Hills. The Burros won the championship in 2021 with virtually no water workouts, which although remarkable, is not sustainable. Aspiring swimmers cannot train in a toddler splashpad!

The February 9, 2022 edition of the Burroughs Blockbuster celebrated senior swimmer Bryce Halterman’s signing as a Division I swimmer with the University of Michigan. Absent a training pool since the earthquakes of July 2019, Bryce found a competitive swimming program in Santa Clarita. “After school, I drive two hours to Santa Clarita where we have our general swim practice… Then I drive back and go to the gym for an hour…. Homework is done in the car, allowing Bryce to maintain his straight -A status in Burrough’s rigorous coursework. His father Klaus does most of the driving, for which Bryce said he’s grateful.” (Bryce)

Reading Bryce’s article by Tucker Anderson motivated me to rethink Burroughs Division I swimmers, and a dangerous omission for me, given that I left out my wife and her younger brother Jon. Ann (Allan) Auld (BHS 1967) was the first Burroughs Division I swimmer. As a freshman walk-on at UCLA, Ann competed in backstroke and individual medley. Ann competed through her junior season, graduating a year ahead schedule. With a year of NCAA eligibility remaining, Ann swam as a graduate transfer at Chico State. Ann’s brother Jon (BHS 1971) walked-on at UC Santa Barbara and swam all four years, primarily in backstroke. Ann and Jon’s mother, Lois Allan, competed in international masters swimming, retiring at age 82.

Bob Wright (BHS 1983) and younger sister Michelle (BHS 1987) both swam Division I for the UC Irvine Anteaters. Amy Edman (BHS 1991) was offered a Division I scholarship to the US Air Force Academy, later accepting a Division I scholarship at BYU. Andy Lopez (BHS 1994) walked-on at UC Santa Barbara as a Division I swimmer. David Chan, Burrough’s, most accomplished CIF swimmer, was awarded a Division I full scholarship in swimming by UC Berkeley in 1997. David’s swimming career ended when he was diagnosed with an osteosarcoma in his right shoulder joint, yet UC Berkeley honored the scholarship. Generously, David gave up his scholarship to the benefit of UC Berkeley’s swimming program. Jennifer Schwalb (BHS 2003) swam for UC Santa Barbara and was the Gaucho’s top swimmer for four consecutive seasons.

Congratulations to Bryce and his family on his well-deserved Division I scholarship. Legendary Burroughs swim coach Charlie Lattig said, “Bryce is the real deal!”

More Burroughs Science super star articles are on the way. Concerned that I was missing Burroughs scientists, I asked the scientists from previous articles to help identify additional scientists. Not a problem. Future articles will feature the careers of Dr. Donald Davis (BHS 1959), Dr. Kathy Kuletz (BHS 1970), Dr. Richard Pogge (BHS 1979), Dr. William Banks (BHS 1982), Dr. Christopher Fryer (BHS 1988) and Dr. John Dykema.

New Burroughs Stadium Goal Posts

Some time ago, the News Review ran an article announcing the future installation of a “forked” shaped and safer goal post. At last, the only remaining “H” shaped high school goal post in the nation has been removed. The new goal posts are made possible by the generous donation orchestrated by Hansel Phelps Construction Company, including several additional contractors working on the China Lake earthquake reconstruction projects. Also donated are team benches and soccer goals. I will keep our readers “posted” as this exciting project develops.

Courtesy Photo: Annalise Ostash and Conner Auld flank Alyssa Auld visiting from Knoxville and attending the Victor Valley High School dual meet. All three are third generation swimmers.

Story First Published: 2022-04-08