McCarthy and House urge Gov. to suspend gasoline tax

Requests Biden to replace Russian energy with American energy

McCarthy and House urge Gov. to suspend gasoline taxRepublican Leader Kevin McCarthy March 15, 2022 –

Congressman Kevin McCarthy and the entire California House Republican Delegation joined a letter led by Congressman David Valadao (CA-21) to Governor Newsom urging him to suspend the state’s gas tax for six months to provide Californians with immediate relief from current record-breaking prices at the pump.

“We write with serious concerns regarding fuel costs for California families. In recent months, the price of a gallon of gas has risen dramatically, with gas prices in California being the highest of any state in the country. With this in mind, we ask you to take immediate action to provide relief by suspending California’s excise tax on gasoline for six months.

“All Americans are struggling against an inflation rate of 7.9 percent, and the cost of gasoline is up nearly 40 percent from this time last year. Even as prices skyrocket, California continues to tax gasoline at 51.1 cents per gallon. This, in conjunction with other taxes and fees, results in Californians paying the highest price per gallon in the country…

“With the cost of goods rising across the board and the price of a gallon of gas at record highs now is the time to pursue all avenues of relief…” McCarthy argues for the need to replace Russian energy with American energy, and President Biden’s energy ban is only half the equation. House Republicans have multiple solutions for the second half, which is how can we boost American energy production as soon as possible.

The United States produces more oil and natural gas than any other country in the world. We are the top exporter of LNG and among the top five oil exporters in the world. As a global energy power, we can provide low energy prices, the creation of steady jobs, dependability, and security for America and our allies.

We are standing on top of the richest resources and have the technology to safely and cleanly harness them. But why stop there? We fundamentally believe in the power of this country, and fear what the world would look like today if American innovators, workers, and leaders before us simply settled.

We should never stop finding ways to make this country better, stronger and more resilient. An empowered Russia invading Ukraine and destabilizing our energy prices is one giant reason why.

Unfortunately, the Democrats’ wayward leadership for the past year has undermined America’s energy potential with senseless policies that seem designed to reverse decades of success and wreak havoc on our gas prices.

On March 9, Congressman McCarthy sent a letter to California Governor Gavin Newsom urging him to take immediate steps to undo his anti-oil and natural gas policies in order to increase production of California energy resources to help stabilize prices at the pump and reduce California’s importation of Russian crude oil.

“Your Administration has the ability to harness California’s vast energy resources to help our state and country achieve energy independence, and I implore you to reverse policies you have advanced that harm California-based oil and natural gas producers’ ability to meet our nation’s energy needs and strengthen our national security.

“I have urged the Biden Administration to reassess its current anti-energy stance...Yet, thus far, the Biden Administration foolishly insists on limiting itself – to the chagrin of California families facing average prices above $5 per gallon – from using its full range of powers to help Americans feeling the pain at the gas pump.

“This is why I implore you to take the lead in bringing needed relief to Californians and Americans across the country by reconsidering California’s current oil and natural gas posture, which has crippled this industry in California, so we can increase domestic energy supplies...

“Your Administration can do something immediately to start this process – there are more than 1,000 pending permits for new oil and natural gas wells sitting on the desk of your State Oil and Gas Supervisor that can be approved today. Allowing these producers to responsibly develop our God-given resources, consistent with state laws and regulations, will only help California consumers and reduce any need for imported Russian oil...

“As Russia continues to attack Ukraine, it is critical that we actively work to replace Russian oil imports – which total about 6.17% of California’s total oil imports – with cleaner American energy that can be produced right here in California by Californians.”

Story First Published: 2022-03-18