Stanphill celebrates 37 years of service

NAWSCWD China Lake Deidre Patin –

Program Analyst Tracey Stanphill celebrated more than 37 years of service in a ceremony at China Lake in December.

Stanphill received her 35-year award during the ceremony; its delivery was delayed due to scheduling and COVID-related conflicts.

Stanphill began her federal career at China Lake in October 1984 at the age of 18. She first worked in the Plant Property office, but after a year moved to work in mailrooms before taking an office manager position at the Range Control Center.

“This was an extremely busy job, but also a really fun job!” Stanphill said. “I was able to ride in a tank, and I was lucky enough to grab an extra seat on a helo for a target site flyover.”

Stanphill spent several more years as an office manager, supporting T-Pad and eventually the Public Works Construction Division. Ultimately, she spent 27 years supporting Public Works in a variety of positions. This included being a performance assessment representative in Contracts, where she oversaw the BOSC janitorial performance contract. She also had the opportunity to survey “every single building at China Lake,” a task which required Stanphill to teach herself how to use AutoCAD.

“It’s worth noting that Michelson Lab alone is over half a million square feet and took a year to survey,” she added.

Eventually Stanphill landed in the Transportation department, where she would eventually become the fleet manager and receive the NAVFAC Base Support Vehicles and Equipment employee of the year award.

When she felt it was again time for a change, she “dug under the NAVFAC fence into NAVAIR’s yard,” and came to Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division to take a position with the NAWCWD COR team a year and a half ago.

“I’ve somehow managed to end my career with the hardest job I’ve ever had,” she said, noting that even with such a challenging position, she enjoys working with the team and their customers.

“I’m sure as soon as I really understand the job, I’ll be retiring,” she joked.

Deidre Patin U.S. Navy Photo: Tracey and Kevin Stanphill pose for a photo after Tracey’s award presentation.

Story First Published: 2022-02-11