To the Editor:Taxes and more taxes- the City does not have your back

According to the City Council Feb 2 meeting, we get to have more of the Green Agenda forced on us. The State has decreed that we HAVE to have organics trash recycling and thus, yet another trash can, along with higher cost- in addition to the huge landfill property tax increase by the County because of this . The lone Council member who said he didn’t like it ( Kyle Blades) went along with it anyway, discussing how to comply obediently. Seems that there is no backbone in our Council. There was not not even a small attempt to address the State with the obvious facts that the organics output from a typical household is less than 5 gallons, so why pay to have a 30 gallon can we have to pay extra for. No pushback against this arbitrary, vacuous agenda being pushed on us by the Socialist Republic of Kalifornia. All action by the City apparently now is just how to propagandize the taxpayers into believing there is no way out, and that it is for their own good. You know, “I’m from the Government and I’m here to help” ( sure sign the knife is about to come at your back). If you like being taxed more, stay home and watch CNN. If you don’t, and at least want to state your displeasure with such, come to City Council meeting when they vote to acquiesce to this forced increase in your cost of living, likely on Feb 16. You get your chance to speak out, whether they like it or not. And remember, two Council seats and the Mayor’s chair are up to be voted on next November, it’s not too early to start keeping account of who stands up for you and who doesn’t. And if you don’t at least resist this forced slavery to the green agenda, then don’t complain about it later.

Freedom to the Good People of Ridgecrest

Mike Neel

Story First Published: 2022-02-11