To the Editor: An open letter to the Directors of the IWV GA

California recently approved our Groundwater Sustainability Plan contingent upon our amending it before 2025 to correct seven deficiencies. The most significant of those deficiencies is reliance upon a water import project without a backup plan that relies solely on local water sources. The state requires a backup plan in case importing proves infeasible or incapable of producing the sustainable result required by law. A backup plan will require a determination of rights to local groundwater, something that only a state court can determine through a process known as Adjudication. In making that determination, the state court itself must comply with California groundwater sustainability law. I encourage you to embrace Adjudication as an opportunity to address the above noted deficiencies and bring our Groundwater Sustainability Plan into full compliance with state law.

Nick Panzer

Story First Published: 2022-02-04