To the Editor: Record low life behavior at GA meeting

Hold on, you just thought the Groundwater Authority couldn’t go lower ... wrong. On Dec 8 the GA Board began a vindictive action against the Water District due to not being able to stomach the ethical past and current actions of Board member Stan Rajtora. He was due to become Board Chair on Jan 1, but this offended the powers behind the scenes so much ( can anyone say Phil Hall and Keith Lemieux) that an action to deny the Water District their rightful turn at chairing the board meetings was taken up.

That’s right, discussion was had about how the representative of the ONLY paying member of the Board ( the Water District) could not be Chair because his agency had caused the GA too much heartache. Of course, that’s not what they said but it was abundantly clear that was the issue.

Smoke blowing about how the City and Inyo County saw “conflicts of interest” because the Water District has suits against the GA for it’s dumb allocation of water in the Valley that is going to put needless hardship on most of Ridgecrest and possibly drive Searles Valley out of business.

Now, to illustrate the low character composing the GA staff and/or Board members, consider a currently anonymous response by someone via telephone when Mr. Rajtora rightly objected to improper carte blanche use of funds to pay their General Manager firm. After his response, the anonymous person threw the “F” bomb out over the telephone. Watch the video of the Dec 8 meeting for yourself on the City YouTube channel. Go to time 1:39:53 to hear this disgusting outburst.

Now ask yourself, why did Chair Hayman sit there almost grinning, the rest of the Board say not a single word and the only people who objected were 2-3 members of the public. So, now the meetings can take the path of drunken sailor content, and the Board will just continue on. This GA Board is undoubtedly the worst single agency in the Valley’s history. Their history of oppression of the public via taxation, lying to justify such by Board staff, rampant overspending, collusion with the City against the best interests of the public, etc, etc, etc is far too much to tolerate.

Now the low life behavior allowed in public by the Board Chair and other members shows us clearly what needs to happen. This GA Board needs to be put out of operation. Everyone needs to call on the Water District to include in their adjudication lawsuit an action to dissolve the GA and put in place an elected Board that will not run rough shod over us all.

Remember, the Water District is the main funder of the GA. They need to take action on this. If not, further action by the public in the way of refusing to pay the GA fee on our water bills may be necessary. We are the ones paying here, we have the option to say NO.

Mike Neel

Story First Published: 2022-01-07