To the Editor: A new year another chance

What it is........A New Year! Another chance. One more look at our hole card.

First, go outside and look at the moon. It is a grand sight.

In the New Year we hope we might even get a new deal. Shuffle up and deal again.

For all my old friends I wish you well. For the new one’s, hope and understanding.

For the ones now past, I hope what we were taught about the Good Book is fact and the Big Boss showers kindness on your soul and you rest in peace.

My advice for the coming times. Don’t miss out on a thing, I say again, this is no rehearsal.

Live each minute and do not fret the small stuff. Let the clutch out and give it the gas.

Bypass the naysayers, give some thought to your roots. The basic principles and meaning of Americans. Promise yourself you will make a difference in someone’s life this new year. Make a little time in America for Americans.

Be kind to some old folks, let them know you care. Times are tough but there is nothing tougher than time, you cannot replace it.

Watch a youngster and help him find his wings. Nothing finer than the sight of first flight.

Try to remember the founders of this nation and what they had in mind for future generations as they prepared to give their life for some ink stains carefully written and individually signed. A document now under fire and largely ignored by people not born upon this soil. Disrespecting America has become popular. We should not allow it in our country.

Pray for a serviceman and woman. Living or dead. Prayer is free and hasn’t been proven harmful. Prayer doesn’t care where it comes from nor what your belief.

Wake up with a kind thought about someone you care for. It won’t hurt anyone of you and that’s a guarantee.

Have a large time and a Happy New year

Tex Whitson

Story First Published: 2022-01-07