Local and other high desert golfers Team Play in CA City

Local and other high desert golfers Team Play in CA CityBy LAURA QUEZADA

News Review Staff Writer

On any given Saturday morning you can find several Ridgecrest golfers teeing off at Tierra del Sol Golf Course in California City. These guys are not only playing for the friendly competition among themselves, they are also preparing for Team Play competition.

China Lake Golf Course had a team for 50 to 60 years but are unable to participate this year; the golfers needed to go elsewhere to continue. “We’re used to playing and we’re used to playing in it every year. We play against these guys. We have friendships and we have this rivalry with Edwards. We played against them for decades,” says team member Bobby Daniels. So the Ridgecrest players joined a team created with players from Lancaster and Bakersfield.

Each team consists of 16 players and there are four teams in each league who play in six matches to determine which team advances to the next round. Daniels says, “These guys work hard on their game and they like to compete. Team play is one of the things that we always look forward to doing. You get to travel. It’s good competition. It’s not just one or two guys; 16 guys at a time go.”

Tierra del Sol has been good to the players. They are very welcoming, they are less than an hour’s drive from Indian Wells Valley, and their annual membership fee is a fraction of the cost of comparable courses.

Daniels and his wife, Ridgecrest native Lauranna Christman Daniels, own Daniel’s Deep Tine, LLC who contracts all over Southern California to maintain golf courses and sports fields. If Daniels says that it is a beautifully designed course, he speaks with great knowledge. When Tierra del Sol was built in 1970 it was designed by the premier golf course architect in the world at that time, Robert Von Hagge. “The piece of property that they had available to them was just a flat piece of land, flat desert. So he moved an incredible amount of dirt to build these green complexes and these tees and to do this mounding that surrounds the fairways. It wasn’t a flat piece of of land anymore.

Number five is the signature hole. It’s a long dogleg with water on the left from the tee all the way to the green. Another thing about a Von Hagge design is that every hole is different. A lot of a lot of courses you go to all look the same. This golf course all the fairways are shaped differently. All the bunkering is different. The greens complexes are all different.

We’re getting a new clubhouse. We have all new cups, flag sticks and new flags that have sponsorship logos on them.” They are still fundraising and replacing the T-signs which display the hole number, the par, number of yards, a diagram of the hole, and a place to put a company logo. Contact Daniels if you want to sponsor a sign : 760-608-1252

Daniels says that golf is a great lifetime sport, “You can play your whole life. We all played sports. All of us did all our lives until we got to the point where we couldn’t play softball anymore. We couldn’t play basketball anymore. But we can still play golf, maybe not as well as we did when we were younger, but we can still play and have fun. We can still get outside and we can still compete.” And it is great for the entire family. Daniels’ grandson, Lincoln, enjoys playing with him.

“There’s a game every Saturday at Cal City,” says Daniels. “It’s a lot of fun.

Laura Austin Photo: Ridgecrest golfer Andy Pfahal tees off practicing for Team Play at the China Lake Golf Course.

Story First Published: 2021-12-03