Guinevere Juliann-Artemis Kowalski

Guinevere Juliann-Artemis Kowalski was born two months early at Tri-City Hospital in Oceanside, CA. on June 6th 2005, to her doting parents, Jennifer Victoria Torres-Kowalski and Edward Joseph Kowalski.

Guinevere had many nicknames, including but not limited to: “GuinBear,” her self-given name, and “Brutus,” because of her strength. She was also our “miracle baby;” at only 7 months old, she was found and saved by her Aunt Vicki during a SIDS event. Guin suffered some developmental delays as a result.  Nevertheless, she was always a creative soul, who expressed herself through many forms of art. We learned sign language in order to communicate, as she was nonverbal until the age of 4. Always an exuberant bubbling child with a radiant smile, overflowing with excitement and silly humor.  Ever capable of spreading her infectious laughter; a gift she never lost or outgrew.

As Guin grew, she matured into a kind, thoughtful, and helpful child. Guin loved nothing more than to create personalized gifts for us year round, as regular gestures of affection. Guinevere loved listening to and playing music, wrote, crafted, sewed, knitted, crocheted, painted, cooked, baked, read, and drew, most of which she gifted to others, as well as a means of expressing herself. Guin was passionate about a lot of things, but probably nothing more than the LGBTQ+ movement and community, of which she was a part. Guinevere was attending Burroughs High School, and throughout her musical career played several musical instruments  for various band groups. She loved deeply, and often attempted to open the minds of others to another point of view, by gently trying to teach love and acceptance.

On Friday, October 15th, had been struggling with her asthma and upon testing it was determined she had contracted COVID-19. Guin fought a hard battle however ultimately on Saturday, November 13th, at 6:29PM she passed away peacefully., surrounded by immediate family. Guinevere is survived by her parents, and siblings: Genevieve Persephone Kowalski, and Edward Wenceslaus Kowalski. She also leaves behind her maternal grandparents, Albert Santos Torres, and Virginia Herrera Torres, paternal grandparent, Donna Marie Kowalski, aunts, uncles, and many incredibly close cousins. She is preceded in death by her paternal grandfather, Stephen Victor Kowalski.

Guin’s passing has left its impact on everyone she touched. Therefore, Guin’s family has a request for anyone who comes across this passage: don’t take your loved ones for granted, love your loved ones, really love them, hold them tight, be present, and exhibit patience.

To that end, love everyone because we are all of the same flesh. “I’ll do it later,” “...not right now...,” or “maybe tomorrow...” and similar adages are just not acceptable... because we are not guaranteed the next second on earth, and we never know when we will be called back to our eternal home.

Story First Published: 2021-12-10