Ridgecrest a loving and caring community

Salvation Army Corps Officer Gina Noble – This community is a stunning circle of giving and receiving. And not just during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday season, but every day, here in this dazzling desert. It is no wonder, the lights of this city shine to the surrounding highways, and yes, even more now as Christmas lights illuminate the wonderful winter sky. This high desert community is the dwelling place of care, compassion, and consideration for others. Love your neighbors is carried out in practical ways every day. Tangible acts of kindness are the culture here. Nurturing those in need, is simply the slogan of Ridgecrest.

The most precious resource we have, is not money, but time. Time to give, time to be well stewarded. Time not to be wasted, but to be given. So many people here in RC, give it away to others. When the suffering of another is felt and seen, a willing sacrifice is made, and the need is addressed. Often by those you have never met and will never know. Selfless giving is prevalent here. The gracious spirit of this community is special. It’s not like this everywhere. And if you’ve been here for a while, it might seem like this is, just the way is. But when you’re new here, you see how unique and generous and all-encompassing the care for others is in this community. Time, talent, and treasure are graciously and generously given here: from corporations to family-owned businesses, from community service groups to clubs, from law enforcement and protection to city and county government, from churches to schools, from the hospital to the base. There is not competition here among service organizations, community groups, non-profits, or churches. We assess the current challenge in the community and develop impactful programs and events or campaigns that raise awareness of need and collect funds or food or fun toys to meet the need. We all share. We work well together to link the giving and the receiving. It’s a winning situation. Someone expresses they have a need, and someone else is asked to fill that need in the most wholesome way that they can. We work very well together as a community, to share what is given, and to bless as many as possible in the process.

People going about their days giving and receiving. Paying for the fast food of the folks in the car behind you or bringing in the trash cans in your neighborhood. The people who have had to ask for the help they need, are often the ones who do the most giving too. The receivers become the givers. They volunteer to drive their neighbors without cars, or deliver groceries to those who are “at homers” perhaps due to age or physical limitations. They give to those who are widowed. They take care of the little things they can for families whose parents are working hard to provide a warm home for their kids. They are consistently grateful that so much is given to them. They are blessed to be the blessing for someone else.

The fulfillment and wholeness, that comes to a person, who is made to be able to share what they have or what they have been given, is the essence of life. It is what makes us well. It’s what restores us. Giving and receiving evoke a tingle inside, that is just beyond us. Hope happens in the food box or basket. Peace presides when a teenager knows they are valued and loved. There is joy shared in comfort gifts to seniors. And when a child finds a gift at a great value for their piggy bank in a thrift store, or they begin to understand the reason why they bring their coins to a red kettle or place them in a clear plastic box at a check stand, the circle of love continues to grow. Train them up RC! Again, we remember the opportunity for someone who is struggling to be the giver, and to find dignity in contributing and caring for another.

This is The Crest of Giving. The Ridge of Restoration. The Light shining in the darkness. Our home, where we truly love and serve each other. The whole community, and all the surrounding towns, are better together, because we live into the spirit of love around here. We are all in need of something, and we all have something to give. We are Most Good together giving and receiving in Ridgecrest.

Story First Published: 2021-12-10