Kelli’s Fairyland offers a playful, inspiring venue

Kelli’s Fairyland offers a playful, inspiring venueBy LAURA QUEZADA

News Review Staff Writer

There’s a new venue in the Indian Wells Valley, designed to rekindle a sense of wonder. Kelli Cutts, founder of Fairyland, says, “I wanted to create a place where people could come and regenerate their hearts, minds, and souls.” Her fiance, Steve Felix, wholeheartedly joined her in this venture.

Honeybees sparked inspiration for Cutts.

“We were hanging out in our front yard one day at the ranch and I noticed three or four honeybees going inside of one of our tree trunks.” They were quite pleased that their property is ecohealthy and a habitat for bees. “We went over there and saw that they were making a little honeycomb inside the tree. Steve got a little too close and one of them stung him.” They decided to hang a sign on the tree so they wouldn’t get too close again. “And that one sign turned into a fairy village.” This was such fun that they continued making fairy villages. Which led to the idea, “Why don’t we do the whole front yard and then when we’re done, share our happy place with other people in our community who need a place to remember how to play? They can come and do a small workshop or a larger events or one-on-one on coaching to find a restful place for their heart or to rekindle their imagination. You know we have been so under siege for such a long time now for one reason or another. We are forgetting our humanity. We are forgetting our sense of play and joy.”

Each village follows a theme. There is Ladybug Crossing, Hummingbird Haven, the Bee B&B, the Butterfly Diner, the School of Magic, Turtle Tambourine Land, Bird Haven, the King and Queens Quarters, and Unicorn Glam. “All of the displays in Fairyland come from small business owners across the country and I handpicked everything,” says Cutts. She went to great lengths to find hand painted work and good art from artisans all over the country. Some were from England and Mexico. She also focused on supporting women-owned businesses. These efforts served to solidify her belief, “There’s definitely a place in this world still even in the middle of the pandemic for people to co-create, for people to bring joy and light into their environment.”

Fairyland also has horses. Cutts explains, “This country was built on the backs of horses and even though technology has replaced some of their usefulness in some ways, horses are still a mainstay of our humanity because horses help people heal and help people to thrive and help people to do the inner work. That is required of all of us in order to remain human and vulnerable and imaginative.”

Cutts’ worldview expanded through her professional life. For several decades she was a marketing and communications director for health insurance companies. At one point she decided to change focus and get involved in organization development, professional development and conflict resolution work. She says, “I came to work for the Navy where I became a Navy mediator in 2015, senior mediator and conflict coach in 2017. Now I train other mediators for the Navy. And because of the mediation work that I do and the conflict coaching work that I do I’m very aware of the weary state of humanity right now. And the heavy hearts and easily agitated emotions that people are walking around with.”

Fairyland is one way Cutts is living her beliefs, “ I’m taking a stand. Basically to say the pandemic will not be bigger than me or anyone who comes here to rekindle their joy. We are going to have a place that will be open for people to still express joy and love and playfulness to the best degree that we can.”

Cutts unveiled her Fairyland during a gathering of friends in October. Guests were treated to local musical artists including Antonio Blu, David Hodgson, Yihfen Chen, Britney Brown, Jordan Covert, Emily Ommen, Julia Rindt, Luren Rindt, and Becky Mills.

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Laura Austin photo: Kelli Cutts, founder of Fairyland, introduces Nash, headmaster of the School of Magic.

Story First Published: 2021-10-29