Burroughs All Class Reunion November 6

Burroughs All Class Reunion November 6Burroughs All School Alumni Reunion is coming soon and it is free. Save the date for November 6, 6pm at Joshua Hall in the Desert Empire Fairgrounds. The Alumni Reunion Committee is working hard to provide this wonderful opportunity to rekindle memories and make some new ones. Local alumni are encouraged to join in on the good times.

The Burroughs All School Alumni Committee is a group of fun loving friends whose friendship and enduring bonds from their school days are evident in the way that they interact and enjoy working together. From the Class of 1967 are Charlotte Peck Barnes, Cindy Riggs Deem, and Nita Zills Bates who are joined by Cathie Kraynyk Doyle from the Class of 1960.

One might wonder how they can provide this great party for free. Nita explains, “At the last reunion we asked for any donations to help cover the expenses of that reunion. People were so generous that we had $12,000 that we needed to get rid of.” Cindy says, “This is the first reunion really that I’ve really been involved with and I appreciate these ladies. They’ve done so much work over the years. I just recently came back to Ridgecrest and I would just come in for the reunion and leave.” The other women agreed they’ve never just went to a reunion for the party.

But the excitement is evident, although no RSVPs have been required, responses on social media have been quite positive with many people posting, “I’ll be there.” Cindy noted, “One of our classmates, Robert Simpson, is coming from Connecticut with his wife. His mom still lives here in town. And so he’ll be visiting with her.” Word is that Terry Metcalf is coming from Hawaii. “He is the younger brother of of one of our classmates and he was kind of the baby in the family. But the Metcalfs are a well known family.” Cathie added, “The Griffins, Sadie and Clyde, are coming from Tennessee.” Which brought up the subject of high school sweethearts who are still married which include Cathie Doyle and her husband, Tom. Cathie says it is fun that her daughter, Tiffany, Class of 1982, will go to the party with her.

Many classes are planning parties on Friday night, including the Class of 1960 who will meet at the Frisbees house. So far about 40 classmates are attending. If you want more information, Cathie is on Facebook and you can send her a private message there.

The four friends reminisce about how tight the community was when they were in high school and lament how that has changed. Nita recalls, “The classes had a real camaraderie with each other, they kept that camaraderie going. As Burroughs got bigger and bigger, much like the bigger city schools, there’s not that intimate relationship.” However, among their peers the camaraderie continues. She adds, “I think the thing that we have all found out is that you may not see somebody for 40 years and then instantly you’re together and you just pick up mid sentence.”

This kinship has been noticed by spouses of alumni, according to Cathie,“I have several people in our class whose husbands come from big schools, and they love coming to our reunion, they don’t go to their own reunions. They love coming to our reunion, because we’re so close, so tight and they really can feel the camaraderie.” Charlotte adds, “If they didn’t grow up here, they feel like they did because they’re just taken in with everybody. The beauty of an all class reunion is you’re interacting with your siblings, friends and people that you knew as children that you grew up with and their families.”

Cindy summarizes what alumni need to know, “There’s no cost to attend. There’s no need to RSVP, just show up with your smile. There will be a No Host Bar, available for the beverage of your choice. There will be blank name tags at the door but we encourage you to wear one of yours from a previous reunion, and there will be an opportunity for you to help set up and decorate your class table or tables from nine to 11 in the morning of the reunion at Joshua Hall at the Desert Empire fairgrounds. The committee is providing tablecloths and letting everybody provide the decorations. The party starts at 6pm, Frank Ortiz will DJ, and appetizers will be provided as long as they last.”

Laura Austin photo: Charlotte Peck Barnes, Cindy Riggs Deem, Cathie Krayznyk Doyel, and Nita Zills Bates review plans for the reunion on November 6.

Story First Published: 2021-10-29