About Town – Ridgecrest business community is growing

About Town – Ridgecrest business community is growingBy LAURA QUEZADA

News Review Staff Writer

The Ridgecrest business community is growing. From time to time we will highlight a new business so our readers can be informed. The following businesses are new to Ridgecrest this year.

760 Fitness

Sheena and Thomas Temple recently opened 760 Fitness at 923 South China Lake Boulevard. There are several different areas within the facility: group fitness, Active Aging circuit, functional fitness training, free weight area, power-lifting area, cardio area, indoor cycling, a circuit area, an indoor walking path, and a Kids’ Club. Sheena’s personal journey led her into this industry. At a pivotal time in her life, she started walking. She started with three miles per day, then five miles per day. It cleared her mind. “Moving my body helped to change my mind into a positive one. One positive change led to another one.” She adds, “I have a heart for service and for making people happy and I know the fitness business; this is a way I can do that.” For more info 760-375-2275

Oliver & Hytrek, LLP

There is a new law firm in town opened by a Ridgecrest native, Cory Oliver, who wanted to give back to his hometown. He and his business partner, Matthew Hytrek, also have offices in Newport Beach. The law firm takes extra effort to facilitate their clients’ needs. “We are mobile also, something we pride ourselves on, we do what you would call ‘house calls.’ A lot of our clients aren’t necessarily able to come out and go to an office, so we will go to them.” The firm specializes in estate planning and personal injury. Oliver made a few career changes to put himself in this position. He has a heart for service, “I am helping you to have the peace of mind knowing that your loved ones and your family will be cared for so you don’t have to worry. Clients come in hoping to avoid probate and leave knowing their loved ones will be cared for. They don’t have to worry. I find that extremely overwhelmingly fulfilling.” You can find them at 730 North Norma Suite B and reach them by phone at 760-977-3025.

High Desert Training Services

Andrew Smosna, Owner/Operator of High Desert Training Services started this business with the heart of a father looking to keep his loved ones safe. He says, “Our primary role at this time is CPR, First Aid and AED (Automated External Defibrillator) training through the Red Cross. The second part of that is we actually sell AED equipment and services to businesses or anyone.” Most important to Smosna is a better prepared Ridgecrest. “The vision is every business that has a good congregation of people in Ridgecrest has an AED and their staff is trained on how to use it. To have the businesses in Ridgecrest better prepared to handle an emergency. Also, at the resident level, having the community more prepared and confident to respond. It is about empowering the community to be able to respond in emergency situations.” For more information: 760-428-0084

Christopher Ortiz Entertainment

Christopher Ortiz brings energy and enthusiasm to his business which offers event planning, DJ’s, music, photography, entertainment, and merchandise. “I am thankful for the community...from where I came to where I am now and the support system I have. I can’t explain how marvelous it is. It is amazing to see all the backing that I have in this community. I can’t be more thankful for people not judging me for who I was but for who I am now. I am thankful, very thankful for Ridgecrest for who we are as a community and what we do here. I want to put everything back into Ridgecrest.” For more information call Ortiz at 760-382-5643

Ridgecrest Hypnosis Center

Holly Hoppes, owner/operator of Ridgecrest Hypnosis Center, has been preparing for this venture her entire life. Having overcome physical and mental pain herself, she has practiced helping others become more self-aware through teaching meditation and mindfulness for many years in her hometown of Portland, Oregon. And now through hypnosis. She explains, “The information we receive as children, how we deal with physical and emotional pain, can be restructured, reprogrammed through our mental processes.

We can learn new ways of being and break habits without issues and move on with our lives from things that are holding us back from being our best selves.” Lasting change is the result for folks who receive hypnosis treatment for a wide variety of issues including weight loss, stress, smoking cessation, insomnia, anger management, pain relief, anxiety, and grief. She states, “Everybody is special and unique in their own way. We grow up knowing that as little children and then little by little we start to believe things that are the opposite of that. Hypnosis helps us come back to that place where we love and appreciate ourselves and we know we can do anything.” You can reach Hoppes at 760-608-1378

C27 Studios

Ridgecrest native, Domenic D’Accardo, Owner of C27 Studios, loves Ridgecrest and loves what he does. D’Accardo is a web designer who offers services beyond what others can offer including maintaining your site. He also creates APPS for use by businesses and he keeps his services local, “All of the support is here in the U.S. There are no robots, there are no tickets, no queues. I work with people and I work with them directly. There is no middle man. There is no tech support off in some other country. I will work with you. And I will show you how to operate it, too.” His website has the tag line: Built with love in sunny Ridgecrest, California. At least it’s a dry heat! “I try to keep that on the website, because it is true. I build everything with love. I build it as if it were my own. I don’t build anything second rate. Everything I build is as good as I can do it, otherwise I am not satisfied.” His website has a portfolio page to show the diversity of his work. D’Accardo can be reached at 760-677-5117 https://c27studios.com/

Oasis Family Resource Center

The Oasis Family Resource Center, a non-profit organization, opened in May. They are part of Community Action Partnership of Kern (CAPK) who also runs Head Start and WIC programs in Ridgecrest. But the Family Resource Center is a separate entity. Eric Le Barbé leads the organization. He has long had a heart for service. Prior to his previous career in the wine industry, he volunteered to help the homeless in Northern California. The resource center’s services are to help the disadvantaged, “We are here to help families, we do case management, we go into home and do activities, we do assessments of the kids, we do referrals. But we also provide energy utility assistance to low income families who are struggling to pay their bills. We have emergency food boxes for people who are hungry.” Le Barbé expresses gratitude for the many ways the Ridgecrest community has helped the resource center. The Oasis Family Resource Center can be reached at 760-248-3221

Laura Austin photo: 760 Fitness is now open offering exercise options for all levels of expertise.

Story First Published: 2021-10-29