John Richard Hitt

John Richard Hitt started early on the CPO club on base as a lifeguard, but mostly with his parents running, driving Arrow Cab Company. He went into the United States Navy in 1977 as a mechanic in diesel submarines for 4 years and 2 years in the reserves. When he got out, he married his one true love, Lesley Sherwood on December 11, 1982. Together they bought and lived in the same house raising 4 beautiful children. They suffered the deep loss of Richard at age 6 in 1992 and Mary age 24 in 2017, and the loss of his brother’s daughter Cheyenne, and his nieces Katrina Sherwood and Sarah Sherwood. In 1989, he went to work for what is now Searles Valley Minerals, Inc. and would still be there today if he could. He was a hardworking, most loving and attentive man, husband, father, grandfather, brother, uncle and friend to so many. John loved to work, especially if it was helping someone with any kind of problem or situation you could think of. The more difficult, the more he loved working out the solution. John lived a thousand years in his 63 calendar years of life. He lived every day to the fullest and always tried to get something accomplished every one of those days. With duct tape, a winch and a chain, he could teach McGyver! He had a huge family and even larger extended family and he loved them all, never once forgetting a name or birthday! The words “I Can’t” were not in his vocabulary and would not allow anyone else to use them. Just about every started out with “Here’s the thing...” or “Here’s what you do...”

He leaves behind his wife Lesley, children Logan and Megan, grandchildren JP and Anthony, brother Donald along with his wife, Sheryl and their family, his sister Keli and her children Josh, Becky, David and Crystal and all of their families, Lesley’s brother and their families, his brothers Ray Becker and Brett Bash and Sister Linda Jacobs and all of their families and so many, many more people he considered more family than friends. he had a larger than life personality filled with love, laughter, and adventures galore. He wanted everyone to know, if this was his time. that he was okay with it, that he lived a great life, that he was able to accomplish so much, that he knew what true love was and most of that he was able to know and love so many family and friends in his life. He hoped he was able to lend a hand, a voice, or a hug whenever. To me, his wife - he was and always will be my best friends, my confidant, my teacher, my lover, my life and I will miss him. I am only half a person without him. I want to give thanks with all my heart - first to John- for everything he taughtme so much a bout love, about life, about everything; to our children who give me life and love and laughter 24/7 no questions asked- well, maybe one or two! And to every one of our family and friends for being there, for reaching out to me, with so much love and comfort, tears and laughter. To each one...I love you and I will try my very best, with your help to make him proud he chose me as his wife.

John’s Celebration of life will be held at the Eagles on October 17, 2021 from 4pm-8pm. Everyone is invited. I hope to see you if even for a quick minute and a hug. The address is 307 W. Ridgecrest Blvd.

Story First Published: 2021-10-08