To the Editor: Questions President’s authority to require Military vaccine

I read all the federal controlling documents I could find, identified below, regarding the President’s authority to order our military to take the Covid-19 vaccine. My conclusion was he did not meet the requirements for a mandate. Read them and see if you agree.

1. Court Decision on anthrax

2. 10 U.S. Code § 1107a Emergency use products

3. DOD Instruction 6200.2

4. Executive Order 13139, 9-30-99 1999 10 05/pdf/99 26078.pdf

Military personnel who don’t want to take a vaccine should present these documents to their commander identifying they believe the vaccine mandate is an unlawful order and have a duty to report same. Ask the commander to verify the requirements in these controlling documents were met, along with providing documents supporting compliance, so you can meet your duty.

The vaccine harms military readiness, search myocarditis alone in young men on the net. Incidents of myocarditis related to the vaccine alone shows: (1) Young men aged 20-24 after the second dose of Pfize occurred 1 in 10,463, rising to 1 in 6,230 for 16-19, (2) It occurred in 0.09% of boys aged 12-19 within 90 days. The data shows the vaccine has bigger negative impact on readiness than not taking the vaccine.

Biden Executive Order 13997 is not being followed. Studies on Budesonide, hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin and other therapeutics and treatments are not being funded and given serious consideration. All of which have been studied and/or used by many doctors and hospitals around the world showing good results. Search India ivermectin. Why? emergency use vaccines are not authorized if other therapeutics and treatments are available.

Respectfully, Ronald L. Porter

Story First Published: 2021-09-24