‘TikTok’ lures students into theft trend

‘TikTok’ lures students into theft trend Sierra Sands Unified School District, David Ostash Superintendent

We have come to learn that a recent topic trending among children and teens on TikTok is called “Devious Licks” where students steal objects and show off what they’ve taken in their own social media posts. Unfortunately, we believe this trend has made its way into some of our schools.

We have been dealing with a spike in vandalism/stolen items, especially in bathrooms, that mimics the popular TikTok trend. This theft and vandalism cannot be tolerated. It is costly, it is placing undue stress on our school staff who work diligently to ensure our campuses are clean and safe, and our students are being negatively impacted.

As a strong, tightknit community, we ask that our families speak to their children about social media, current trends taking place, and how these temporary fads can ultimately impact their lives and future. We want nothing more than our students and staff to take pride in their campuses and respect our community property - OUR schools.

Please know that damage and/or theft may be reported to local law enforcement and if our school staff determine who is responsible for theft or damage to our schools, there will be fully appropriate consequences.

Story First Published: 2021-09-24