To the Editor: Council and School Board more subservient to state than you

Well ladies and gentlemen, the signs of the Ridgecrest City Council and School Board being representative of the People are non-existent. The demands of the People for either body to show some understanding of Representative Republican government are met with statements that show one thing clearly. These bodies feel more subservient to the State than to YOU. I thought they derived their power from the consent of the governed, that even California law stated that they are instruments of the will of the People. Did their responses over the last few weeks sound anything like to you? Did you feel you were given aid and comfort when your Mayor told you that if you didn’t want to comply with stupid mandates, you could just not go to the hospital for serious medical needs, that IT is required by law to provide? So, which universe are we supposed to translate to to get medical treatment? No wonder you heard such a response, Bruen was only voted in by 37% of the voters, and if you haven’t figured it out yet, he listens all right, but not to Citizens who take hours to come and voice their demands at Council meeting. There are other people running this town that are outside of public purview and your hearing. So much for transparent government.

Think the school board listened? NO-- well same story there. They sit and let people vent, hoping not to hear from them again, then proceed to follow the directives from the Socialist Republic of California. After all, that’s where the money flows from, right? NOT SO. The money flows from US. We get taxed to death in this State, and now we get stabbed in the back two ways, by the State proper with evil freedom crushing and unlawful mandates, and local “boards” who think wrongly about what government is supposed to be about and only lend a conciliatory condescending response when the People say ENOUGH.

Talking needs to be over, demonstrating is good advertising but brings no change. The right way to deal with “public servants” who do not serve is to boot them out to the street. RECALL them, starting right now, and then find some worthy people to take their places. Recall is provided for in California law to be used by the People, it takes a little work to make it happen, and it can be successful. We are recalling socialist Newsome, why not the Ridgecrest City Council and the School Board?

Freedom to the Good People of Ridgecrest.

Mike Neel.

Story First Published: 2021-09-10