Astronomical Society hosts Don Machholz

Astronomical Society hosts Don MachholzChina Lake Astronomical Society– hosts a telescope viewing at Maturango Museum Sept. 11, 7:30PM.

On Monday, Sept. 13, 7:30 PM at Maturango Museum, Don Machholz will speak. Don is an amateur astronomer and the leading visual discoverer of comets, credited with discovering 12 comets that bear his name. This is the fruit of more than 8,800 hours of comet-hunting spanning five decades. He has used a variety of amateur telescopes.

Don has received numerous astronomy awards and honors and is the author of “The Observing Guide to the Messier Marathon: A Handbook and Atlas,” among other titles.

Don lives in and observes from Arizona and has attended virtual CLAS meetings on Zoom, which is how he will give his presentation.

Quarter Moon Star Party at Maturango

Saturday, Sept. 11, 7:30 PM – All Ages Welcome

Members of CLAS will set up telescopes for public viewing beginning 7:30 PM near the astronomy domes at Maturango.

Jupiter and Saturn are in excellent positions for viewing in September.

If conditions are good, we may be able to see the transit of the moon Io—and its shadow—transit across the face of Jupiter. Io is predicted to leave the face at 8:48 PM, and its shadow will disappear about a half-hour later—at which time the famous Red Spot will have rotated into view during Jupiter’s 10-hour day!

The beautiful rings of Saturn are also visible. Neptune will be overhead, and Uranus rises around 8:00 PM. Early arrivals might catch glimpses of Mercury and Venus in the glare of the setting sun. Even tiny Pluto will be high in the sky—but, alas, too dim to see in our scopes. Only planet Mars will fail to make an appearance, as it is too close to the Sun to see now. So, with cooperating skies, this will be a time to see seven of the eight planets!! (Sorry, Pluto.)

Finally, the Quarter Moon will be 5.0 days old and 31% illuminated, for dramatic views and details along the lunar terminator, the division between light and dark.

Story First Published: 2021-09-10