To the Editor: Sept. 1 a most contentious council meeting

September 1st started off the month with one of the most contentious City Council meetings since the casino wars. The years long issue of the IWV basin water, who gets how much and how much they pay was the subject. Now, sadly, the City is joining forces with the GA power structure to attack the Water District in its’ laudable effort to get fair treatment for ALL water users in the Valley. During an agenda item last night, the City Council supposedly sat to “discuss” writing a letter to the Water District Board asking them to consider financing the huge replenishment fee. The reasoning is supposedly to lower the current water costs for District customers. Herein is a list of some of the terms and descriptors applied to the Water District in the five page Attorney report: the Water District “failed”, they have an “adversarial relationship” with the GA, they “stoked anger”, more “failure”, they “strategized” to attack the GA, they have “filed a lawsuit against every landowner in the basin”, they have “caused unrest”, and the last and best “their actions punishes every citizen in Ridgecrest”. To be clear, these terms were used by the City Attorney in his agenda item report, but no objections in the Council were raised to the use of such inflammatory terms, proven by their answer to my question as to if they had read it. Each and every one of them read it, they know what these written attacks were. ( more detail available in the Facebook page - Citizens Unfairly Affected by IWVGA’s replenishment fee- post by Mike Neel)

So, just think, if group A wants to sway group B toward its’ side on an issue, might they best prevail by attacking Group Bs’ intentions and character and shaming them into it? Of course not. But our Council doesn’t see that, and actually sent off the City Attorney to now write this “letter”, in which we can expect more of the same. Make no mistake, the GA and the City Attorney are in lockstep, evidenced by Scott Haymans’ verbal attacks on a former Water District board member last night, and continuing with further attacks on the Water District General Manager. The whole disgusting scene displayed nothing less than a school boy level attempt to bring shame on an honorable Water District Board that is trying to get fair treatment for its’ customers, who comprise the vast bulk of water users in the basin.

The City Manager, City Attorney and GA back room power players are now exposed as a scheming group bent on implementing the faulty Gleason agenda of shackling us with huge water costs forever, while giving the Base all the water they ever want for free. This now involves taking any tactic they think necessary, including such shameful attempts like this Council meeting where the City Attorney continues to lie and try to manipulate the Council to his will. If you want this to stop, you better email and call them ALL and say cease and desist. This kind of smarmy behavior is beneath the good People of Ridgecrest and does not represent us. The City Council needs to resist having the GA use it to its’ purposes, stay out of the Water Districts’ business and act like mature adults. What was displayed last night for all to see is not such. If you doubt it, watch it on the City Youtube channel, the last item on the agenda. Be prepared to watch illogic, lying and manipulation. It was truly disheartening. We need far better at our Council meetings on this issue.

Freedom to the Good People of the IWV and Trona.

Mike Neel

Story First Published: 2021-09-03