To the Editor: Masks actually work to keep germs out

I read with interest the News Review article (August 27) about the Sierra Sands School Board meeting, attended by over 300 (mostly mask-less) residents, protesting mask and vaccine mandates-----claiming their freedoms are in jeopardy because health departments, doctors and scientists believe those measures will mitigate the devastation of Covid-19. The United States has lost nearly 700,000 people to this disease, and more will follow because freedom from protecting themselves and others from disease and death is more important than actually preventing it ! How Ludicrous!

Ms. Slaton stated at the school board meeting that she has done research that states that masks are worse for our bodies than Covid! She says that parents in FL actually cultured their children’s masks and found all sorts of bacteria, fungi and parasites. These were seemingly all trapped in the masks rather than breathed into the lungs. Wow ! Masks actually work to keep germs out, it seems !

Some years ago the writer Isaac Asimov decried the “cult of ignorance in the United States” as a strain of anti-intellectualism running through our politics and culture that’s “nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that ‘my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge’”.

That is what we are dealing with-----your ignorance and conspiracy theories do not come close to being science or knowledge. Your ignorance, on the other hand, threatens us all, especially the children you all claim are losing their freedoms.

Ruth Gleason

Story First Published: 2021-09-03