All My Rage, A love letter to the desert

All My Rage, A love letter to the desertAs last week’s edition of the News Review went to print, we learned via FaceBook that Sabaa would be releasing a new book next spring.

“The novel is based on Tahir’s own childhood being raised in her family’s motel in the Mojave Desert, and uses the story of two high school best friends growing up as outcasts to explore cultural identity and intergenerational trauma. Entertainment Weekly has the first look at the book, starting with a reveal of the cover designed by Rodrigo Corral.

“It was immediately clear that Rodrigo understood All My Rage at a cellular level,” Tahir said of first seeing the book’s cover, ‘The desert permeates – the gloaming colors, the rising and setting sun, the grittiness of text. And yet the title treatment is beautifully restrained, reflecting the emotional landscape of the characters, who are filled with rage but forced by the world to hold it in.’ Sabaa’s latest novel will be released on March 1, 2022.” (From Sabaa’s FaceBook page and Entertainment Weekly) Sabaa Tahir is a 2000 graduate of Burroughs High School and best-selling author in the young adult/fantasy genre.

Ayesha Ahmad Photography photo: Sabaa Tahir is known best for her fantasy quartet An Ember in the Ashes, her new book All My Rage tells the story of her childhood being raised in the desert.

Story First Published: 2021-09-03