To the Editor: Stop the IWVGA from stealing our money

The IWVGA has but one plan. That is to steal as much money as possible before they are stopped. The “plan” is supposedly to purchase water rights to supplement our water aquifer. There is no plan as to who they will buy from nor how to get the water to this valley.

There is only one plausible place to get water from; the LADWP/aqueduct. No way in heck will they sell water rights to us nor is there any way to get it here without many more millions/billions of dollars. Currently only some Ridgecrest residents are paying money into the “fund.” My water bill jumped about 80%.

My fixed income won’t continue to pay the bills. My motto now is “Stop the IWVGA.”

Another item is please vote Gavin Newsome and the other liberal government people out of office. They are ruining California with taxes and regulations.

- Ernest Lanterman

Story First Published: 2021-08-20