To the Editor: GA biggest creator of work for lawyers in valley history

News from the Save Searles effort as of Aug 18 reveals that Searles Valley has filed a cross-complaint in Court to get an adjudication of ground water rights determination. The main reason from the news release, “The Authority’s actions since becoming the designated GSA for the basin, including the adoption of an exorbitant $2,130 per acre foot replenishment fee, ignore our groundwater rights, which are the most senior in the region”.

So, the GA can’t get it right enough for the Water District to not feel compelled to file suit for an adjudication action, and now Searles feels the same way. Add the several suits by Mojave Pistachios, and you come up with 4 current lawsuits. And WHO gets to pay the lawyers to do their usual and drag this out for years and charge astronomical amount of dollars to do so. You do boys and girls, that’s right YOU DO.

So instead of getting it right and taking more time to consider what was likely to happen and find ways to treat all the water users here fairly, the GA had to chase the Gleason plan, charge us tons of money and now we will have to pay more to fund the only ones who win in this- the lawyers.

If we don’t recall Hayman and at least Bruen or Breeden from the City Council, we will never get a good GA rep in the City’s seat. That means we will be stuck in this quagmire for years. So, it only takes a few thousand signatures with a little work and a recall can be on. Question is, are there enough People in this Valley fed up enough with this to make it happen.

Freedom to the Good People of Ridgecrest and Trona.

- Mike Neel

Story First Published: 2021-08-20