Towns burn to ashes as Dixie Fire rages through Sierra Nevada

Towns burn to ashes as Dixie Fire rages through Sierra NevadaAt least eight people were missing as of Saturday in what has become the largest single wildfire in California’s recorded history. The Dixie Fire has continued to scorch through northern communities, forest and tinder-dry scrub in the Sierra Nevada mountains. Although there have been no fatalities, three firefighters reportedly suffered non-fatal injuries. The Dixie Fire has recently ripped through, and nearly destroyed, two small Sierra Nevada towns of Greenville and Canyondam near Lake Almanor. These are the most recent communities reported as burned to ashes.

The fire is now just 35% contained and after 36 days has covered more than 700,000 acres, involving five counties. A reported 1,217 structures including residential, commercial and others have been destroyed.

Laura Austin photo: A dense layer of smoke continues to cover the valley with no relief in sight. Eye irritation and allergic reactions are the main complaints of local residents. The smoke has been lingering for almost a month.

Story First Published: 2021-08-20