To the Editor: Should IWVWD boycott payments to GA?

Note- Everything I am going to say about the GA does not apply to Mr. Rajtora, the only GA member who seems to care.

As many know by now, the notoriously deaf eared Groundwater Authority has recently been applauded in a bragging post on the Face- book Indian Wells Valley Water and Air page by Kern County Administrative Officer Alan Christenson.

His post discussed the Orange County lawsuits filed by both Searles Valley and Mojave Pistachios, part of which asked for a halt to the replenishment fee payments. The Judge denied those motions and “ordered” that the fee be paid. In that post Mr. Christenson spoke like that was all the suits were about and that the GA had prevailed and could move on with robbing us royally. While that was only partially true, the other aspects of the suits are still in effect and moving forward.

The overall community attitude towards the replenishment fee bears further discussion however.

A resolute refusal to pay the replenishment fee to the GA is the correct position to take by all entities they have targeted to be taxed, for many reasons. The GA has not addressed all means of solving the water supply issues in this Valley, it has moved improperly in its’ non-response to many, many Citizens’ protest of this fee when it put it on place, it has shown haste in taxing us in this way when not necessary, and in the process it threatens to put a major Valley employer out of business.

The effect of feeing Searles Valley to death would be to displace hundreds of families, destroy our local economy and perhaps endanger the future viability of the Base remaining here. Anyone say ghost town? And all this from an unelected group who were never put there by We the People to work the Valley water issue.

The joint response to paying the replenishment fee to the GA by every local entity, including the Water District, should be - make me. Simple refusal to bow to tyrannical demands often works quite well. No one should voluntarily pay anything to an unelected body, that is simply un-American. The GA might get the message and change their tune. That tune should be to disband and assist in getting an elected GA of local people who actually care what happens here. Until then, no good can come from a self-appointed body of rulers.

If not, then moves to recall the necessary local “leaders” like Scott Hayman and Phillip Peters need to begin soon, so that the GA can be changed like WE want it, not how people like Mick Gleason wanted it. Resistance to hard hearted tyrannical “rule” is the only proper response for those who value their freedom. Are the People here up to the challenge?

Freedom to the Good People of the IWV and Trona.

Mike Neel

Story First Published: 2021-08-13