Library book storage building open Saturday

by Vivian Hayes –

Friends of the Library are opening their book sales space on Saturdays 9-11am. Friends of the Library have held their famous semiannual book sales in a store near the North Albertsons Grocery. Now the sales space is located on Ward Ave. just West on Norma St. The door to the sales space is at the back of the windowless light brown building behind Albertsons Grocery. Enter the parking lot from Ward Ave.

You can join Friends of the Library for a Summer discount of $5.00 a year. Greeting you when you come into the lobby are Brent Clark Palmer, President of Friends, and other volunteers from Friends. Across from them are a mountain of book donations that need to be sorted. Volunteers are needed.

The large room holding books for sale needs donations of tall bookshelves and long folding tables to sort books. Volunteers would be appreciated to sort books according to types--fiction, history, art, health and diet, cookbooks, etc.

Since the books are not marked with prices, visitors are invited to “Take a Book, make a Donation,” of cash in the “Bookie” jar on the table in the lobby.

Money from the book sales is used by Friends to purchase books, furniture, equipment and supplies for all activities for the Ridgecrest Public Library which is now open Monday through Thursday noon to 6pm.

Story First Published: 2021-07-30