‘Shrike Missile’ presentation August 10

‘Shrike Missile’ presentation August 10Presented by: Charlie May Tuesday 10 August, 6:30 PM - Marriott Spring Hill Suites Sponsored by: China Lake Museum Foundation Admission is Free. Shrike was the world’s first anti-radiation missile. It was designed to detect, track, and damage enemy ground-based radars being used to direct surface-to-air missiles (SAMs) at incoming aircraft. Shrike was conceived, designed, developed, and tested at China Lake. A little-known fact is that Shrike played an important role in the Cuban Missile crisis. Shrike seekers were mounted on an A-4 aircraft and flown towards the Russian ballistic missile sites in Cuba. This caused the ground radars of the surface-to-air missiles protecting the ballistic missiles to “light up.” This allowed the Shrike seeker to determine the type of SAMs protecting the ballistic missile site, providing important tactical information. Charlie May assembled the first 12 Shrike seekers, several of which were flown during the Cuban Missile crisis. Charlie will chronical the Shrike program as well its associated amusing antidotes. Charlie’s Booklet will be on sale after his Presentation

Story First Published: 2021-07-23