Obernolte requests IWVGA reject replacement fee

Assembly California Legisleture Jay Obernolte Representative of the 33rd State Assembly District To: Indian Wells Groundwater Authority

Dear Chairman Gleason and Board Members,

As the Representative of the 33rd State Assembly District, I am very concerned about the groundwater replacement fee recently proposed by your agency.

This replenishment fee would increase water costs for Searles Valley Minerals by nearly $6 million a year, causing significant financial harm both to that company and the community around them. Many of my constituents also receive water from Searles Domestic Water Company (SDWC). SDWC receives water directly from Searles Valley Minerals, Inc. and they would also be affected by this increase.

With our community still struggling from the COVID-19 Pandemic and the ensuing economic slowdown, now is not the time to be increasing costs to industries and families.

I strongly request that you reject the proposed groundwater replacement fee.

Thank you,

Jay Obernolte

Assemblyman, 33rd District

Story First Published: 2021-06-25