Casey’s restaurant to re-open soon

Casey’s restaurant to re-open soonBy LAURA QUEZADA

News Review Staff Writer

A local favorite restaurant is staging a comeback from the ravages of the pandemic with a new name, new owner, and a new look. Casey’s Steaks and BBQ will reopen the end of June or early July under their new name, Casey’s. Rocky Groves says, “The menu will stay the same with some new stuff added to it.”

A couple of the new additions are Blooming Onions says General Manager Casey Groves, “You cut the onion so it opens up, you batter it and fry it. That’s my mom’s request.” Also new on the menu is an often requested item, Beef Ribs, which will be a Monday night special.

Casey’s closed during the first pandemic shutdown. Casey tells us, “My mom and I went to work at Mac’s in the kitchen.” Then last August, “A friend of the family out of the blue one day asked me, ‘What do you think about opening back up?’ I said, “Sign me up, I am ready.’ We didn’t know we were going to be coming back to this building. We started looking around town for a different spot and nothing worked out. He called the landlord here, and got a deal worked out. He called and asked, ‘What do you think about coming back here?’ I said, ‘Cool. It is my home.’”

Rocky tells us that the new owner’s vision for the new look includes “more open dining and more of a sports theme in the bar area.” Casey adds, “In the bar room alone we have 22 TVs. We will have NFL Games, all the sports and all the UFC fights. We have more TVs so we can have all the NFL games, so get here early and reserve whatever TV you want.”

Rocky says that the entire restaurant is family friendly, “The other side is quieter a softer dining area and a complete different setting. The sports room can get loud with people cheering.”

Still under construction one can see how the changes are coming: new paint, new floors, new furniture, new counter tops. The kitchen is also being upgraded. Rocky says, “The kitchen is going to be a dynamic kitchen with new equipment and more efficient than it ever was. It is going to be cool to see how fast it comes out and how much better it tastes. I am looking forward to that.” Casey interjects, “ We got a new smoker so we can cook more meat and have a better flavor than before.” Rocky elaborates, “Actually it burns logs instead of chips so we can use hickory logs and make it more flavorful.”

“Once we get dialed in we will have live music here. Station Street and Garage Boys from Las Vegas. It won’t be all the time but a few times a year. We are going to build another portable stage with wheels on it this time,” says Casey. Also of note, “ We still have the banquet room for private parties and overflow. It holds about 40 people.”

Casey extends an invitation, “We are hiring. Several of our employees are going to return here but we are going to be busier than we ever have so we are looking for people for all positions. You can bring by a resume or pick up an application; we are usually here from 11 to 4.” He adds, “People are welcome to come and look around. People who have come here for years come in and say, ‘Holy cow!’ just from the floor alone.”

Laura Austin photo: Rocky Groves and Casey Groves look over job applications in anticipation of their re-opening.

Story First Published: 2021-06-11