Burroughs High School senior: glad to be back in the classroom

Burroughs High School senior: glad to be back in the classroomBy LAURA QUEZADA

News Review Staff Writer

Bryce Hill had been back in the classroom for in-person learning for a little over two weeks when we spoke to him last week. We were following up to see how his expectations of returning to the classroom were met as reported in the March 26 issue of the News Review.

Hill was looking forward to seeing other people and is not disappointed. “Most of my friends have signed up for in-person, I am able to see all of them at school now and it is a lot easier to talk to them and enjoy that time together while in-person, and not trying to talk to each other through text or on the screen. It is good.” Academically, Hill mentioned that he wasn’t getting the full AP Chemistry education due to not being able to do labs. “We have been able to do a battery lab where we mix different acids and metals together and it creates electricity and we can measure that voltage. Right now we are preparing for the AP test, but after we complete that we are going to be able to do all of the labs we haven’t done throughout the year. So I am excited to be able to finish off the year having fun doing labs.”

Overall, Hill is having an improved academic experience. He says, “I feel like I am getting more from the in-person classes. With online classes just sitting at home I get distracted pretty easily. It is a lot better being in the classroom and having that direct teaching and conversation with my teachers. It is going good in all of my classes.”

Athletics are a part of Hill’s high school experience and he served as Captain of the Boys Varsity Cross Country team. Their season was limited but triumphant. “We finished cross country season and we finished first in the league for boys. That is the first time in Burroughs history in our current league. Now we are in track season. We are only able to do meets with schools in our league, but we have confirmed that we have a meet with every school in our league and will be able to have league finals at the end.” Hill says that it looks like there may be CIF championship season also this year.

Hill told us his future plan which includes a two year mission with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Since that time he has identified his placement. “I am going to the Barranquilla Colombia Mission in South America. I am leaving July 8 for training and report there on August 17.” Hill took Spanish for two years in high school and knows he is far from fluent. He is independently studying Spanish using online Apps and other courses to refresh his memory and prepare.

Hill didn’t have more to add; however, he wanted to say, “I am enjoying being able to go back to school.”

Laura Austin photo: Bryce Hill prepares for long-distance races for the Burroughs High Track Team.

Story First Published: 2021-05-07