Process for redistricting of Kern Co. will begin in April

Kern County is beginning the process of redistricting in accordance with the 2020 U.S. Census data.

The County will be holding a series of virtual redistricting hearings designed to provide an open forum for the community to provide input and feedback.

The first hearing was held on April 21, 2021.

Kern County encourages community to join the redistricting public hearings

The County will be redrawing district lines to reflect Kern’s current population is vital to ensuring each district is representative of the constituents that live therein.

The County is committed to transparency throughout the redistricting process. The upcoming hearings are designed to amplify the community’s voices and perspectives regarding this important issue.

The County is asking for community members, stakeholders, and organizations to get involved and provide input on this process. Kern County recognizes its obligation to residents and values accessibility to Kern’s community when it comes to this complex conversation.

Kern County has launched an entire website dedicated to this endeavor with detailed information about the local redistricting process. Please visit:

The County’s first hearing was held April 21, 2021. Please see below for more information about how to provide public comment and how to attend future hearings: Spanish interpretation will be available.

• To provide public comment:

Call 661-868-3139 and leave a voicemail (subject to two minutes)

Email your thoughts to

Fill out the Redistricting Feedback Form located on the County’s redistricting website. (Available in multiple languages.)

Mail your comments to 1115 Truxtun Avenue, Fifth Floor Bakersfield, CA 93301

Story First Published: 2021-04-23