Church had month long Easter Egg Hunt

By Christina MacGregor

News Review Staff Writer

COVID has made it difficult to do many events over the past year, and as a result many celebrations and festivals- from trick-or-treating to town Christmas celebrations- were cancelled. Cancelling so many different things considered to be community staples has made a lot of the town’s children spirits low, as well as their parents. Desiree Dickie decided to do something about that.

Dickie, joined forces with Pastor Sarah of Grace Connection Bible Fellowship and planned a four week community egg hunt.

“We wanted to bless the community with something fun after a challenging last year,” Dickie mused. “After all, the God in whom we put our trust desires enjoment for us all. Scripture even says that He gives us things for our enjoyment. 1 Timothy 6:17 says ‘...put their hope in God, who richly provides us with everything for our enjoyment.’”

Dickie decided to have a 4-week community Easter Egg Hunt. For the past month, with the help of her church, she has been randomly hiding Easter egg hunts all over town. It has all been leading up to the last bit of the Easter event that will occur this Saturday, April 3rd, at 11 am.

We are now in the fourth week, and we are approaching that big April 3rd Big Prize Day.”

The weekly Easter Eggs hunts have already passed out stickers, small toys, and plushy smiley face key chains, among other things to those on the hunt. Most of the hunts have take place at the parks around town. The final event is no different.

Those who have found eggs are to being asked to bring them to Upjohn Park at 11 am on Saturday, April 3rd, and there will be a prize given for four age groups for the most eggs found.

“Throughout the four weeks we have been hiding eggs filled with tiny prizes. Everyone in the community is invited to participate in our big prize event day, even if they didn’t find any eggs (previously),” explained Dickie.

Everyone in attendance on April 3rd will be eligible for the big prize drawings, which include two children’s bikes and a razor scooter for the children. For the adults, the prizes include a $25 gift card, as well as items from Paparazzi, Bath&Body Works, Tupperware, a blanket, and more. A local woman who makes holiday baskets will have prizes at the event as well.

“So far as of today we have 203 members that have joined the Facebook group, and those that are on the group page have posted pictures of them going out and finding the eggs that have been put out there. Those who are participating seem to be having a blast. I have personally heard people say, ‘This is so cool!’ and ‘Thank you for doing this for our community.’ It appears that both adults and children are having so much fun.”

While people can register at the park the day of the event, Dickie would prefer that people register themselves and their children online through email by the evening of April 2nd, making sure to include ages of everyone participating, during the registration process. This is so that organizers can get a better headcount of who is coming to the park and take proper procedures to social distance as necessary.

Story First Published: 2021-04-02