Crossroads Church serves community

Continued from last week

On April 3, 9am – 11am Ridgecrest Challenge hosts “the EGGstravaganza, a 5K Egg Hunt Run/Walk that goes through Leroy Jackson Park.” Using a map you try to find people who have eggs. “You collect eggs from them and in them you will have prize eggs that you can trade for a prize or a candy. It starts at Crossroads, we will give you a runner’s bib and a bag to collect your eggs and a map. There is no need to register. Everybody is invited.”

The Children’s Ministry quickly adapted to the pandemic restrictions. Amber Lowry, Children’s Ministry Director, reports, “We just passed a year of doing everything online. We do what is called Sunday School at Home. I post on Facebook and YouTube some links to worship videos that they can do together. I also post our memory verse and a Bible story and some questions to go along with it. Parents are doing it at home as a family.” Incentives and community goals are offered; when the goal is reached the Children’s Ministry makes a donation to the church’s missions project and host a themed event to celebrate.

On April 24, 830am to 12:30pm, Children’s Ministry is conducting a parenting seminar from Paul David Tripp Ministries. “We actually purchased the seminar last year but they allowed us a whole year to wait to offer it so we could do it in person. We have two options, they can come in person or they can sign up ahead of time and we will give them a packet of information and they can live stream at home if they are comfortable with that.”

“Especially during COVID we found quirks or needs in our children that might need to be addressed. We are helping the parents who might be feeling isolated right now. They don’t have the support system they did before. Grandparents are usually a big support system, but with COVID we have been told to stay away from Grandparents. So hopefully this will give them support they need. With parenting every step is different.

The Youth Group that follows pandemic guidelines meets on Tuesdays from 3:30 to 5:30,” shares Lowry. Pastor Corley says, “We have been back in person for about three months. We social distance, wear masks, we would typically have 300-400 every Sunday.

Story First Published: 2021-04-02