Celebrate a glorious Easter

Easter as I remember it growing up in Lancaster California circa mid thirties.

I was one of 4 children, the only girl. Easter to me meant getting a new dress. It was referred to as an Easter dress. It came with a new pair of shinny black patent leather shoes, and white anklets. No small feat, my father earned $25 per week to support a family of six.

Everyone dressed up more on Easter Sunday than any other Sunday of the year. I recall the Easter hats and white gloves worn by the women of the congregation. That how it was on Easter Sunday morning at church.

A special day, we were celebrating the risen Christ. He arose a truth established by witnesses. Singing about the resurrection is a highlight during worship.

How, times have changed. Congregational singing has still not been resumed for many congregations, although last year singing had been silenced by governmental mandates. Sadly, no Easter cantatas were sung by church choirs.

I’m reminded again of what my journalist friend asked me. “When we tell our children and grandchildren about this – do you think they will believe us?”

I celebrate my 91st birthday this month. In my long lifetime, I could never have imagined such a time as this. Speaking of “such a time as this”, I will miss our big family gathering, feasting on the baked ham and yams with all the trimmings. Then there is the singing after the noon meal. Likely 50 plus family members wall to wall in my living room singing hymns of faith.

Surely there will be a time of restoration, however, some things will be lost forever.

Our family moved to Ridgecrest in 1942. I was 11. Our family joined with the Inyokern Methodist Church to attend the Sun Rise Service in Red Rock Canyon. That was the only church in the valley at that time.

The Inyokern Church had led in the Easter Sunrise Services at Red Rock Canyon since about 1907.

People came from miles around to participate in the glorious settings of Red Rock Canyon. There, the pinnacles resemble church steeples.

The choir met at our house in Ridgecrest for rehearsals for the Sunrise Service. To this day, I still smile as I recall Vernon Carr, who was the bass singer. The highly respected Annabel and Vernon, one of the first pioneer homesteader families, were strong supporters of the Inyokern Church.

The Easter hymn that I recall being rehearsed was “Immanuel, Immanuel”. I will never forget Vernons deep bass voice as he responded to “Hail to the King we love so well, “ IMMANUEL, IMMANUEL”

In the late 40’s (circa 1946) our Burroughs High School choir to performed at the Sunrise service.

There is something about Easter that always seemed glorious.

I treasure those childhood memories. I grieve about our children who are missing out. Childhood memories mold our children and help them better understand who they are.

With all of this said, it is still extremely important to ware masks, continue safe distancing and observe all necessary precautions for the safety of all.

Make Easter a special time for your children, so they can talk about their childhood memories with their children,

Family traditions are to be treasured and preserved.

Have a happy, glorious, Easter.

- Patricia Farris, publisher

Pictured: An Easter Sunrise Servicew is scheduled at Red Rock Canyon, for April 4 at 6:30 a.m. Attendees will be required to remain in their cars throughout the service. - Courtesy Photo

Story First Published: 2021-04-02