Crossroads Church serves the community during the worst of times

Crossroads Church serves the community during the worst of timesBy LAURA QUEZADA

News Review Staff Writer

Crossroads Community Church continued to serve the community throughout the worst of the pandemic restrictions. While in-person Sunday services were closed they offered services online. “We were online long before COVID started. We were ready in that context,” says Bill Corley, Pastor of Crossroads. “We have tried to keep as much activity out in the community and for our community as we can do. We are still doing Mission Ridgecrest. Monthly we still go out into the community to do projects to serve the community.” Projects included building six handicap ramps last year, yard work, tree trimming, swamp cooler maintenance, and projects that do not require permits. Crossroads also continued giving outreach bags to the homeless in their Love in Action program.

“We were still able to serve people one-on-one. Overall, there was an increase in need for counseling. It was not just COVID, it was political insanity that diverted people. We got bogged down in partisan politics, division, strife. The division inside the country has no place in Christianity.”

However, during this past difficult year, “There were some families who gained greatly. The families that used the time to build families that weren’t there before. They really had a chance to have time with their kids and with husbands and wives. The ability to actually talk and not be out and about.” There were also surprising insights, “Some parents got their kids at home and found out the problems really weren’t the teachers.”

The volunteers at Crossroads were able to continue their contributions to the community at large and the church community by transforming activities into outdoor, pandemic safe activities. Volunteer Kathryn Har coordinates Ridgecrest Challenge, “We do events throughout the year to get people together. They are free events. It is to get out of the house, get together, do something. Under the Ridgecrest Challenge umbrella we are doing the 2021 Challenge. Throughout the year I am putting out 21-day challenges. Some are physical. The current is a reading challenge, a chapter a day for 21 days. The other one is a mileage challenge, 20+21, walk 41 miles in 21 days. It is just something to keep you motivated.” People can find out what the current challenges are on the Crossroads website,, or search on Facebook using “Ridgecrest Challenge.” or email Reporting completed challenges is on the honor system. Individuals report to the g-mail address, Har keeps track of progress and each completed challenge puts your name towards an end of year grand prize drawing.

Many of the events are physical. Har laughs, “The mission of Crossroads is to change Ridgecrest, one heart at a time. The joke we have now is now we are focusing physically and changing your heart, too.”

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Pictured: Pastor Bill Corley

Story First Published: 2021-03-26