Catch the vision and pursue it


The messages brought by the speakers at the 2021 Economic Outlook Conference gives us a lot of food for thought. The Ridgecrest Chamber of Commerce is to be commended on bringing together such a powerful conference.

It is amazing how such a small community of 30,000 or so offers such high-powered leadership.

The conference’s messages help us change our focus from the dismal passed year which not only brought unusual demands and challenges to every aspect of our personal daily lives but also put the community into a survival mode.

We are weathering the storm due to the resilience of a caring, closely knit community and strong, dedicated local leadership. This was demonstrated at the conference. It cannot be overstated and truly must be acknowledged.

I interact daily with local people who invest their lives in the wellbeing and our future. It is heart warming.

There are some things that set us apart. One, a strong sense of patriotism, a love of God and country as demonstrated during the annual September 11 Parade of 1,000 Flags and candlelight vigil.

Two, a strong sense of mission, obvious in the workforce at China Lake in their support of the war fighter.

We are blessed with distinguished schools, brought about by educators who go above and beyond the call of duty in working with their students.

We have a beautiful hospital in the center of town. The healthcare providers have performed valiantly during this pandemic. We are aware of the long hours and double shifts they have been called upon to perform in making sure of the wellbeing of their patients.

We have outstanding law enforcement. They are highly respected. These officers have earned that respect due to their vigilance in maintaining law and order. We have no graffiti, no gangs and low crime. This again comes only from our PD that provides a level of safety that we can all appreciate. Being a safe community truly sets us apart.

When we compare this to cities with alarming lawlessness, that seek to defund their police, minimize the threats on their lives to save others, we take a deep breath and are reminded of how blessed we are.

We so often hear parents say, we chose to make this our home because it is such a good place to raise a family. That speaks volumes.

Through no fault of our own, we live in the land of sunshine - probably near 350 sunny days in a year. With all of these positives, along with reports of an upturn in the economy that we’re hearing, we have reason to be encouraged.

As we take up the charge of this vision with the foundation that has been laid, we can only go forward.

We can be a model that other cities could aspire to.

We can become that, “Shining City on the Hill,” so often referred to by past President Reagen, for our nation. Our own Congressman Kevin McCarthy holds that up as a goal to work toward.

Let’s continue to walk toward that vision.

— Patricia Farris, Publisher

Story First Published: 2021-03-12