Assigning meaning to a vision forms its reality

Imagine a community with a tradition that bonded all citizens with a common goal, where people do agree that we are all one people and understand that prosperity thrives in unity. Envision neighborhoods working together, using their talents, creativity and efforts to pull their strings together to build a town that they will be proud to call home.

Although such thoughts most times entertain a fictional society and present rather rare commonwealth unity of thoughts and deeds for its inhabitants, sometimes circumstances speaks to conditions and places of reality right in front of our doorsteps.

After reading Scott O’Neil’s message to the Outlook Conference it is evident that the Ridgecrest community has the grand visionary to unify the community and implement such reality. I believe a man of such leadership caliber and experience is an extraordinary asset to our community. His presentation to the Outlook Conference speaks of analysis well done, assessment for the local business directions rationally analyzed, while demonstrating understanding of the process and the footing for a solid economic growth.

We all have visions for the quality of life we desire, and for the difference we can make in ours and other peoples lives in our community. Yet, most of the time we find ourselves frustrated or discouraged by the daily life that has taken its own path.

If there ever was a light so powerful that makes the night a day in our community, if there ever was a voice that inspires deeply, then I believe it comes in the name of Scott Oneil, a good man on his journey for building true brotherhood.

I find it a privilege to be in the presence of such a messenger of goodwill. Should the community embrace such a visionary in his quest for building Ridgecrest, I can see this massive task becoming a reality.

Alexander Kubaiski

Story First Published: 2021-03-12