Jacks Ranch and Bowman Roads becoming trashy

We live on the corner of Jacks Ranch Road and Bowman Road and we get

a lot of trash along our property lines. The county land fill is only

a ¼ mile west and the employees do a good job of containing the waist

there. The public isn’t as good. At higher speeds, a lot of trash blows out even if their loads are covered. If people went 40 MPH this

would stop a lot of trash from blowing out onto our property. When

people near the stop sign at Bowman, they throw out drink cans, cups and cigarette butts.

Most people in the valley keep their yards clean but they don’t care about anyone else’s property. I wish that people would give other people living in valley some respect. Jack moved here before Jacks

Ranch Road was even graded or the dump was establish. We can’t turn

back the clock but we could keep the valley clean and attractive.

Jack and Susan Tipton

Story First Published: 2021-03-12