It’s past time to repave and rebuild city roads

When driving on Balsam Street (That is going to be another letter to the Editor), just off W Ridgecrest Blvd, should you turn left on Panamint Street you had better beware. That street is in such a horrible condition, that I almost dropped my Comanche 4 x 4 in low range just to creep through that stretch of road. But then again, there are only a few businesses there, poor people live up there and also a church. But then again does the Road Department care, as it’s been that way since we moved here in 1995!

Now let’s go to Bowman Road East, say from S Gateway Blvd to San Bernardino Blvd to Highway 178. Many people, trucks, etc., have traveled this road but I did notice that you kinda did some work from S Gateway road to S Richmond Road and only that little piece was worked on, probably for the people who work on the NWC but from there on it’s a different story…

When you travel the rest of the way to Hwy 178 Bowman and San Bernardino Blvd is in horrible shape. Oh, it’s been tarred, with sand, etc., and patched, and patches the patches, and patch, patch, patch till you get to Hwy 78.

It is super hard to pass another truck/vehicle as there is hardly any room to do so, and you had better slow down as not to drive off the road as there are many places where the road is coming apart. That stretch of road is very dangerous, and there are hardly any shoulders to pull off the road. It’s in terrible condition.

Then you have the new Navy Work Camp just before you hit Ca Hwy 178. Almost 600, if not more, people will be staying there for construction on the base for a few years. These people will be coming up this horrible road on the way to Wal-Mart, let alone all the people going and coming from Trona to shop locally.

Its way past time to rebuild and pave these roads, should have done many years ago. But then again you paved Gateway South from Bowman I think 3 times now, then also the College Heights road perhaps even more…sad that the Ridgecrest Road Department just does not care!

Patrick H Hannan

Story First Published: 2021-03-12