New Priest comes to Christ the King Anglican Church

New Priest comes to Christ the King Anglican ChurchBY LAURA QUEZADA

Staff Writer The News Review

“We love it,” says Father Fabian Pering, Rector at Christ the King Anglican Church, about living in Ridgecrest. “My wife, Charity, and I both love to run. We found that there are plenty of places to run around here. Learning about the desert is fascinating and interesting, but most of all the people have been really awesome. It is a fun place.” However, they arrived in the middle of August 2020 and their warm greeting was also from triple digit weather.

Father Fabian tells us, “I have always known I would be in the ministry. I was called as a young boy; I sensed that the Lord wanted me to be in the ministry. At the time I thought he wanted me to be a missionary.” His college experiences led him into ministry and the Anglican Church. “I grew up in a non-denominational church. I grew up reading the scriptures, memorizing, learning how to study. In college I went to an Anglican church and fell in love with the history of the Church and found that there is a lot there to learn from in our present day.”

“A rector is a job who has many hats. A rector, a few decades ago would simply preach on Sunday and maybe have a service on Wednesday and visit people. Nowadays that position is a lot more complex in that we manage the budget, teach, preach, we cast a vision for the life of the church in terms of what is coming up next. On a daily basis, think about the services, prepare to preach, lead a weekly Bible study. And I work on the website. There are several things that I do, but what I love to do most is be with people and hear how people are doing and lend a hand and an open ear for people who simply need to talk and pray with them.”

“I really like the diversity of being a priest. I really like people, but as an introvert I really like to be alone and I like to read and study and pray and think about the Lord. So having the mix of being with people and having to prepare and study. Being able to interact with people on a real level is really satisfying. Being able to see the Lord work in people’s lives is really rewarding even though sometimes it can take a long time.”

Christ the King Anglican Church also has two deacons, Deacon Deborah Buffam and Deacon Judith Battershell. “Our deacons teach, bring communion to some people who are home-bound, but also, in the Liturgy they read the Gospel and they serve at the altar.”

In his leisure time, Father Fabian runs. An active member of the Over-The-Hill Track Club in Indian Wells Valley, he is also an Ultra Runner which is anything longer than a marathon distance, 26 miles. “I ran 100K, 61 miles, about a year and half ago.” Recently he was training for a run in Arizona, but catching COVID-19 put an end to those plans.

Father Fabian wants us to know, “Christ the King is a really neat community and at the end of the day we want to be a place that welcomes people who are hurting and need help. We all have those things in our lives that we are either confused about or hurt from and I believe that Jesus Christ gives us freedom from those things and helps us wrestle with that internally and have that effect our external actions. Joining Christ the King would be wonderful. We are a body of believers that want to worship the Lord and love God will all of our hearts, minds, and bodies and love our neighbor.”

Services are on Sunday mornings at 10am; Wednesday at 12 noon; with Bible study Tuesdays at 10am. Located at130 So China Lake Blvd, Suites B&C

Pictured: Father Fabian Pering, Rector at Christ the King Anglican Church. — Photo By Laura Austin

Story First Published: 2021-03-12