Hundreds of workers to move into new housing

Hundreds of workers to move into new housingAccording to China Lake spokesperson Edward J. Cartagena PIO, The occupancy at the recently constructed Temporary Employee Housing facility has the current capacity to accommodate up to 850 construction workers.

Their salaries will vary based on trade and at a minimum must comply with Davis-Bacon wage requirements.

The estimated completion dates for the 18  military construction (MILCON) projects associated with the earthquake recovery program differ from project to project with completions starting in 2023 and last one completed in 2025, which would be a four year timeline.

The appropriated amount for MILCON reconstruction- As part of the Fiscal Year 2020 Domestic and Defense Appropriations bills, includes approximately $2.4 billion in military construction funds for replacement facilities.

Currently the temporary employee housing sits on 36 acres of Navy owned property with an option to expand to 39 acres. based on potential requirements and demands of the reconstruction program. Temporary Employee Housing will revert back to its original state at the completion of the reconstruction program.

Tim Smith, Executive Director Ridgecrest Chamber of Commerce, states, “The Chamber is excited about the surplus of workers staying at the Temporary Employment Housing and the impact it can have on Ridgecrest. We anticipate and look forward to this influx of people having a positive impact on our local restaurants and businesses.”

Pictured: The Temporary Employee Housing facility being provided for the construction workers who will be associated with the earthquake recovery program is located on Hwy 178 East of Ridgecrest. — Photo by Laura Austin

Story First Published: 2021-03-12