RC Hospital again awaits resupply of COVID vaccine

RC Hospital again awaits resupply of COVID vaccineBy BRIAN COSNER

News Review Staff Writer

“Act quickly … take the vaccine with the calculated risk so that we can relieve our young and healthy from the restrictions they have accepted to protect us.”

Ridgecrest Regional Hospital shared this message from long-time resident Bill Farris, who recently received his first dose of the vaccine at the hospital.

Farris shared that he was initially unsure about whether or not he would take advantage of the opportunity for those 65 and older to get vaccinated.

“Then I began to reflect on our community’s strategy to deal with the pandemic,” he said. “We are restricting the activities, opportunities and experiences of virtually everyone to protect the health and safety of the vulnerable. It seems that most of our young and healthy would survive infection, yet they are bearing the weight of lockdown to protect us. Why would I not do my part to expedite the process so our young and healthy can regain the lives they deserve?”

The hospital has vaccinated some 550 residents in the last week, for a total of 2,386. But the hospital has once again had to pause vaccines due to limited supply.

RRH received some 300 doses of Pfizer vaccine from the county earlier this month – enough to only cover a handful of the patients on their waiting list. As of Thursday, there was no news of when the hospital would receive a resupply.

In the meantime, the hospital is encouraging the community to also seek vaccinations through pharmacies like Albertsons, Walgreens and Walmart.

For appointments and more updates on RRH vaccination initiatives, visit rrh.org/patients-visitors/coronavirus-updates/covid-19-vaccine or call (833) 216-6663.

Pictured: Patients line up for vaccinations as limited supply is made available. — Photo By Laura Austin

Story First Published: 2021-02-19