’That’s our story – a simple, blessed life’

’That’s our story – a simple, blessed life’By CHRISTINA MACGREGOR

News Review Correspondent

Gary and Cindy Allred are nearing their 50th Wedding Anniversary this year in October, but to them their story is nothing out of the ordinary. To them, it is normal.

“We have had our ups and downs, but we have had a great life. We have wonderful children that are productive human beings, who are raising six wonderful grandchildren.”

Cindy and Gary’s love story started simple and sweet as well. Cindy was a small child when she moved to Bishop, and Gary moved there years later from LA, while he was a sophomore in high school. The Allreds dated and became high school sweethearts while in Bishop. A few years later in October of 1971 they got married.

A couple of years into their marriage, they started having a family. When the oldest two daughters were 2 ½ year old and 6 months old, the Allreds decided it was time to move to Ridgecrest. Cindy said we have been blessed by making the decision.

“When we came to Ridgecrest, we had been married for five years,” explained Cindy, “Gary’s dad Jody moved to here first, and then we arrived. We moved here to build homes. It was good, steady work for Gary, and he worked with his dad and his brother for years.”

Two years after arriving here, in 1976, they gave birth to their 3rd daughter. The Allreds became very busy raising their family, building their businesses, and just being involved with their daughters and their activities in general.

After working with his dad and brother for a while, Gary went out on his own and became a general contractor. He also opened Structural Wood Systems, his truss yard, in 1985.

At that point, Cindy had been running her own beauty salon, Cindy and Company, since 1981. This year will mark the 40th year since Cindy’s beauty salon opened. The salon is now opporation under the new name, Up Town Curls.

“I feel very blessed,” said Cindy of her career, “When we moved here in 1976, we planned to move back to Bishop in 5 years. And here we are, 45 years later.”

Gary’s life long hoby has been classic cars. His own pride and joy is a 1932 Ford coupe. As a leading member of the High-Desert Roadrunners car club, he’s often present at car shows.

Cindy states that in her relationships with longstanding clients she has developed many life long friendships.

The Allreds have shared many wonderful memories together, and look back fondly on being very involved in their daughters lives. They especially enjoyed watching their girls grow up and play softball, and being involved in their church.

“It was just a fun time. It goes by fast- you’ve got to enjoy it,” urged Cindy, “We also have made wonderful, life-long friends, watching each other’s kids grow up, play sports, and going camping together with the different families. We always take a family vacation every year. We have a tradition of going every 4th of July on our camping, boating, water skiing trip.”

Gary and Cindy have enjoyed their couple time over the years as well.

“We used to go bowling every Tuesday night. That was our night out, and we would get a babysitter for

the kids. We were on a bowling league with our friends, and we did that for 20 to 30 years.”

While one of the reasons the Allreds moved to Ridgecrest was to be able to raise their children in a family-friendly town, they now plan to stick around even though their children have left.

“We have grown to love this desert,” Cindy said, with some laughter, “Our kids all moved away, and wonder why we are still here. We tell them that this is where we made our home, where our work is. We are kind of in the middle of all of them, so we are not moving. We are now here to stay.”

“So that’s our story. We’ve had a simple, blessed life.”

As for parting marriage advice, Cindy said, “The toughest lesson in a marriage is you can’t always have your own way. Keeping each other happy was our main goal. You have to realize that everybody has an opinion, but listening, giving in sometimes, and working together makes the marriage work out a little bit better. Work your way to the middle ground.”

Pictured: Gary and Cindy Allred with their daughters Tracy, Shelby and Cassie.

Story First Published: 2021-02-12