Shane Stephen Smith

Shane Stephen SmithThe year 2020 A.D. will go down in history as tumultuous, chaotic and unpredictable for many reasons. For our family, the reason at the top of our list is the tragic and shocking loss of our son-brother-uncle-nephew, Shane Stephen Smith. Being the “healthiest 50 year old alive”, he celebrated life with joy and appreciation for all. We wanted to publicly celebrate his life with an attempt at the Ridgecrest Community Center in March, Mammoth Lakes in July and an Open House in September. It was to no avail, with the restrictions in place for large gatherings. Finally, in October, we decided we would create a Celebration of Shane’s Life and Legacy on his website,

Now with a new year beginning, we want to share his life with you in hopes we will all feel better in receiving the many gifts that he gave to us in his life of 50 years. You may join with us when you have the time, at your leisure, once…. or again and again. Using a laptop works best, phones are ok. Enjoy the music, the videos, the slideshow, the stories, prayers and remembrances like at any memorial service. There is also an opportunity for your input as well at

Blessings to all of you, take care of yourself, love yourself … with both freedom AND responsibility, and enjoy a wonderful quality of life like Shane modeled for us.

Again, come join us at for an online memorial service at any time.

Lovingly submitted by Shane’s family (been in the IWV since 1980) and friends.

Story First Published: 2021-01-15