SSUSD could benefit by $5 million from relief fund

SSUSD could benefit by $5 million from relief fundSIERRA SANDS UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT ­— From Dr. David Ostash: While the challenges have been excruciating this past 10 months, we continue to look for silver linings that we can share with our community. On Dec. 27, the president signed into law a federal stimulus plan that provides funding for school facility repairs and improvements.

Although official numbers for the “Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief” fund have not yet been released, California is expected to receive some $1.65 billion in the first round of funding. The Golden State is expected to receive an estimated $6.64 billion in the second round. Allowable uses for the second round of funding include multiple forms of school-site improvements that will enhance the educational environment for students and staff alike. This includes air-quality systems that reduce the risk of virus transmission and exposure to other environmental health hazards.

Based on projections developed by School Services of California, Inc., we believe the district could benefit by $5 million! As always, many of the details remain unclear. But we are pleased to see that our federal government has set aside resources that will improve our ability to protect those in the classroom.

In Monday’s communication I noted that Gov. Gavin Newsom has also pledged resources to enable districts to expand on learning hubs and cohorts that have returned to campus. Sierra Sands continues to work diligently to ensure that expanded on-campus programs can be safely implemented as soon as they are permitted.

Story First Published: 2021-01-15