November empyrean events

Star Gazing

November empyrean eventsBy ROGER BROWER

The next club meeting Nov. 2. We are set up for a zoom meeting. Info in the China Lake Astronomical Society news letter.

Star parties for the future have been cancelled until further notice.


1. Venus rises in the east about 3 hours before sunrise at the first of the month and 2 hours before the sun the end of the month.

2. Mercury moves back to the morning sky this month where it can be seen in the east the first few days of the month.

3. Jupiter and Saturn are in the evening sky all month where they can be seen close together in the south after the sun sets.

4. Mars can be seen in the east at sunset and in the west before sunrise.

5. The Leonid meteor shower peaks on the 17th.

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Story First Published: 2020-10-30